Like arrived like Cinderella did - in the very last moment!


This gorgeous tiny wait bag for hot dance-parties is made my Tigase-Mann – take a closer look into her blog to see more.

Ingrid from Nõelakoda is author of this black beauty. She used the part of old skirt as main body of bag, added red sequins, lace trimmings and some felt.
Result is absolutely beautiful!
This  purse belongs to the Snow Queen - a true Femme Fatale of this winter, says Kairit, the creator of this gorgeous purse.

Sensual and perfectly hourglass-shaped Femme Fatale by Terje.  


Story about making this bag can be found in author´s blog.

Such a lovely and sweet, yet dangerous and sensual Femme Fatale by Keson.


Story about making this bag can be found in author´s blog.

What a stylish and elegant Femme Fatale! Take closer look at this bag in author’s blog.

This awesome beaded beauty-queen is made by Tsirkusemoor. We can’t even imagine how many hours she spent beading this gorgeous bag but the result is just stunning!

This elegant and eye-catching bag is made by Sircu – take a peek into her blog to see and read more about this bag.  

This stunning lady is too hot! Charming, stylish, dangerously curvy and has irresistible sense of humor - deadly weapon for every man in a room!


To see more pictures of this fabulous bag take a peek into Marianne S´s blog.

This gorgeous bag is made by Monika. She used only DIY materials to make this charming tiny lipstick holder.

Check out author´s flickr gallery to admire her beautiful creation.

Leina made her bag mostly from recycled materials and things she found from her endless supply boxes. This bag is a obeisance to the wonderful artist Tamara de Lempicka. Visit author´s  blog to read story of this bag.

Unique bag made of unusual materials, such as craft wire and ribbon for gift packaging. Kuduv Koeraomanik surprised us in most positive way. To discover this lovely author - take a peek at her craft blog.

This fabulous bag is made by Tiiu. What a cascade of feelings and emotions are mixed together in this beautiful bag!!!

This unique bag is made by Freddy. She dedicated her bag to her first craft teacher and wrote long and touchy story in her blog (in Estonian).

This gorgeous bag is made by Mõisapreili. This beauty-queen is made mostly from DIY materials – who said that reusing is not glamorous?


 Even more pictures can be seen in author’s blog.   

This ah-so-passionate and truly eye-catching Femme Fatale is made by Margit K

We are simply stunned – such a simple form combined with really elegant details – bravo!

Margit K is also our first author with both of 2 challenge entries, do you remember her lovely “Autumn Sonata”?

This charming new Femme Fatale, called VALABELLA is made by Karen.

Valabella is a combination of the names of author’s daughter, Isabella, and the daughter of her friend, Valerie. What a witty and playful name!!! Just look at all the details of this passionate beauty!

And don’t forget to visit Karen’s lovely blog and Etsy shop.  

First entry to our new theme is beautiful and elegant Femme Fatale clutch by Maarit J.

Take a look to her blog (Estonian) to see more pictures…