Bag making challenge "Outside of the Frame"  is now finished, thanks to everyone who participated and made it so wonderful! 

Here you can see the official rules of the challenge... invites everyone to participate in

international bag making challenge  


"Outside of the Frame"  


The aim of this challenge is to let the inspiration fly and to find some new and unexpected perspectives in creating such traditional objects as bags.  


Pushing our boundaries. To experiment and play with different materials, ideas and techniques.  It's about celebrating the joy of creating and recognizing that only sky is the limit. Sharing our work and inspiring each other.  


There are no limitations concerning used materials or techniques. Entered bags can be in any style, size or purpose.   


Only rule there is - all the bags must be handmade with love and care by  


                                                given theme


Altogether there will be 8 themes and whole challenge will be running through October 2009 till April 2011.  


Every second month (starting October 2009) new theme for challenge is announced.  


                            First theme (for October and November 2009) was 

„Autumn Sonata“ 


Second theme (for December 2009 and january 2010) was 



Third theme (for February 2009 and March 2010)   was

"Shades of White"


4th theme  (for April 2009 and May 2010)   was

"Life is a FLOWER"


5th theme (for June, July and August 2010) was

"Playing on the green grass" / AQUA"


6th theme (for October to November 2010) is

"Laptop bag" 


7th theme (for December 2011 and for January 2011) was

"...and Other Animals" (Animal-themed bag"...)


8th theme (for February and March 2011) was




Clear photos of the finished work should be e-mailed by the 5th of next month to our team.


We need 3 - 4 photos (full views and details) in jpg format. Please make sure that photos are not smaller than 480x 640 pixels nor bigger than 400 KB. 


Please include your name, web page or blog address. Feel free to add few words describing the inspiration behind the work, or process or something else important.


Photos of all entered bags will be put up in our virtual gallery at

There's also a flickr group with discussion board and gallery where everyone can add photos of work in progress and finished bags.  


                                                Happy creating!

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