Petronella Luiting

April 09, 2010, Leina Neima, Comments: 3

Please meet most wonderful button-wizard Petronella Luiting from Germany.

Petronella is a master with golden hands – she makes amazing button art and jewelry and also unique fabric accessories and clothing. Ladies with large and extra large size are especially welcome to enjoy her creation.

Want to know more about Petronella? Take a look at her:


Petronella made this wonderful tutorial of this beautiful necklace especially for us. Thank you so much :=)

This tutorial is in Estonian but with plenty of clear photos. Please enjoy…  

Comments: 3

Yes, Petronella is the queen of buttons! :)
April 09, 2010.Kreativlink
Very pretty! Good tutorial as well! xxx
April 09, 2010.Merillyn
I love that tutorial! Buttons are cool :-D
April 09, 2010.IngerMaaike

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