Meet Elizabeth Goluch in a short film Lady Bug

May 28, 2015, Leina Neima, Comments: 6
Today, I wondered in the garden and noticed tiny ladybug which put a huge happy smile on my face :=) 

And then, coming back inside I noticed lovely letter from Julie Rosvall - a program coordinator from the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council talking about the short film called Lady Bug. What a coincidence!

Craft Alliance and the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council are released Lady Bug, the fifth in a series of six short documentary films about some of Nova Scotia’s master craftspeople called Life’s Work: Six Conversations with Makers

Lady Bug dissects the life and work of master metalsmith Elizabeth Goluch. OH, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE HER CREATION! We even made short introduction of her wonderful creation back in the 2010. You can find it here

So I literally rushed to watch - and guess what, this is really warm and well made short film about Elizabeth and her passion about insects and her incredible creation. I really enjoyed every minute of it. 

Ben Proudfoot and the team of Breakwater Studios International Limited has made seriously great job to take this lovely portrait. But I bet you need to watch it yourself and you need to watch it NOW! 

It is always pleasure to take a peek into heads and hearts and homes of fellow craftspeople from all around the world. So I will definitely take a look at other short documentary portraits of Nova Scotia’s master craftspeople later tonight :=) 

Lady Bug from Breakwater Studios Ltd. on Vimeo.


Lady Bug -

Website of Elizabeth Goluch -

Life’s Work: Six Conversations with Makers - 

Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council - 

Breakwater Studios Ltd. -

Our earlier feature of Elizabeth Goluch - 

Comments: 6

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